Indian Commercial Vehicle Strategy Analysis

Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry Trends and Outlook 2016

Publish Date : April, 2016
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Exclusive Detail report on Indian Commercial Vehicle Industry

Indian Commercial Vehicle Analysis report provides an insight into the Opportunity in the Indian Commercial Vehicles current market scenario, structure and practices.

In depth market scenario includes:

– Challenges and Opportunities for CV Industry

– Product Analysis

– Product Life cycle

– Driveline Analysis

– Brand position

– Advertising strategy and its impact

– Customer behavior

– Getting Finance and its impact on sales

– Current market size, including domestic market, imports and exports

– Products and Applications

– Market size by product categories (By Vehicle Type) – SCV (Small Commercial Vehicles), LCV (Light Commercial Vehicles), MCV (Medium Commercial Vehicles), HCV (Heavy Commercial Vehicles)
– Market size by product categories (By GVW) – Less than 3.5 T, 3.5 T – 7 T, 7 T – 16 T, 16 T to 25 T,25T, 31T, 35T, 40T, 49T and more than 49T

Vehicle Type: Rigid Haulage, Tipper, Tractor and Special Application

– Market size by end user segments – Construction, Mining, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, FMCG, Vegetables, Special applications etc
– Market size by product applications (Transportation type) – Goods Carriers, Passenger Carriers

For Passenger vehicle: Staff, School, STU, Private Transportation, Tourism, Luxury, Non AC, AC and so on

– Top 10 Commercial Vehicle states

– Market size & Dynamics by regions – North, South, East, West

Market structure details the value chain key players’ presence across products and end user segments. Market practices include understanding the Opportunity in the Indian Commercial Vehicles sets business, market trends, distribution practices and pricing.

This Analysis included a detail of key competition analysis, market movement with forecast over the next 5 years, anticipated growth rates and the principal factors driving and impacting growth of CV market

– Indian CV market performed from FY1972 to FY2015 and Outlook for 2020?
– Key factors which influenced Industry between FY1972 and FY2015?
– Macroeconomic trends that will affect the market during the forecast period?
– Analysis of market drivers and restraints?
– How new product play role to increase market share?

– Indian CV Market-Emission Norms Roadmap
– Estimated Load Carried Per Annum by Road
– Transportation and Logistics Section Indian CV Market-Production, Sales and Exports Forecast
– Multi-axle Vehicles Market-Domestic Sales Snapshot
– Indian CV Market-LCV and M&HCV Domestic Sales Forecast
– Alternate Fuel Forecast
– India CV Market-Technology Road Map
– Key Influencing Factors Impact of Top Mega Trends on the Multi-axle Vehicles Market.

Construction Industry Investment-12th Five Year Plan (2012–2017)
– Road Infrastructure in India
– Major Investments in Rail Infrastructure

Mining Industry – Forecast and Size for mining applications and buying factors

Port: Market size and Forecast, Buying factors

Case Study: MAN Trucks India, Bharatbenz, Mahindra and AMW                                                                                        

Companies included Ashok Leyland, Tata Motors, MAN, BharatBenz, Force Motors, Piaggio, AMW, Volvo, Eicher, Mahindra, SML Isuzu, Isuzu, Scania and HM

Special features on Technology and Demand & Supply scenario on Indian CV Industry

1. Executive Summary

– Key Findings
– Forecast of Indian CV OEMs’ Export Business
– Top Export countries
– Overview International Operations
– Current and Future Outlook

2. Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology

– Research Scope
– Research Aims and Objectives
– Research Background
– Research Methodology

3. Overview of the Changing Dynamics in the Indian CV Market

– Evolution of the Indian Truck Market
– Truck Segment Analysis and its dynamics
– Export Business
– Global Supplier Partnerships
– Sourcing Analysis

4. Comparative Analysis of Select Global Product Lines

4 Advanced Global Product Lines from Indian OEMs
– Brief Comparison of Specifications
– Ptoduct position of Truck Product Lines across Emerging Markets
– Comfort Features Analysis
– Connectivity Features Analysis
– After-sales Services Analysis

5. Indian OEMs’ Domestic and Export Market Activities

– Landscape in the Domestic Market
– Top Export Market Priorities of Indian OEMs
– Dealership Expansion
– Hub & Spoke Model of Distribution

6. Overview of Success Factors in Export Markets

– Value Segment Positioning Strategy
– Local Market Expertise to Global Markets
– Strategic Approaches
– Analysis of International Operations

7. Product Analysis

8. Product Life cycle

9. Drive line Analysis

10. Brand position

11. Customer behavior

12. Conclusions and Future Outlook
– Key Conclusions
– Future Outlook
– Strategy and its impact

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