Toyota sold 13,628 vehicle in December 2014 compared to 12,662 units in December 2013, registering 8% growth. In the domestic market Toyota sold 11,740 units in December 2014 as compared to 10,648 units in 2013, registered 10% growth. 

Toyota Car sales and export sales

Toyota has also launched special campaign during December month to increase it sales. December was also good month for Toyota. Its product performance is the key of Toyota success. After sales support is one of the most important factor and Toyota has started to pay special attention to keep ready vehicle with define time.

Toyota car sales India and Export May 2014 was the best month for Toyota. It has registered 56% sales growth in this month compare to difficult month of April 2014. 

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In Q3 FY 2014-15, Toyota has increased sales volume from 10,648 units to 11,740 units.

Toyota car sales analysis

Mr. N Raja, Director and Senior Vice – President – Sales and Marketing has commented on December Toyota Sales performance

Toyota car sales analysis

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Source: Autobei, Toyota

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