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Sales Graph BharatBenz x Mahindra Q4 FY 2012-13

Within a short span of time following the introduction of its Heavy Truck range into the Indian Market, BharatBenz has now overtaken Mahindra Navistar in HCV segment for the month of March in the last quarter of FY 2012-13. One of the major reason of this mini success is the strong acceptance by customers.

As per the study conducted by ACG, customers are accepting BharatBenz due to its price competitiveness, Cab comfort (highly recommended by drivers), powerful engine and less sound, better mileage and Captive finance. As the title of ACG’s best-selling Research Report implies “BharatBenz – The Game Changer”, we believe this is just the beginning of good times to come for the German giants in Indian Truck Market. Nevertheless this is just a warning shot of the big players on the segment. [Read more…]

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