Theory of Uncertainties grab the CV Market Indian Truck and Bus Market Analysis

Truck and Bus Market Overview January 2015

No Distance is too large anymore, and no object is unobtainable, no matter how far we live or what objects we want delivered to us. This may have been possible only with the advent of commercial vehicles.

The trends in the commercial vehicle Industry have always shown a very irregular change and characterized by it's transient, ever changing nature.

The growth of Commercial vehicles in the Indian Automobile Industry has shown without doubt, the strides in Indian economy we have taken and its indicators are prominent and proof of this too.  The market is expected to show a tremendous growth in the CV Industry. The growth in the Truck segment is a very minute 5% compared to the growth of passenger vehicles which has doubled to almost 9%. The 5% growth in the truck industry can be attributed to the sale of 52,481 units excluding brands like BharatBenz, MAN and Scania

Indian commercial vehicle sales in January 2015

The present month has seen a 4% growth in the commercial vehicles owned by Tata owing to around 23,872 units sold. Tata is seen as one of the major frontrunners of this sector. The Second largest player in this sector, Mahindra & Mahindra seems to be lagging behind with a registered decline of 11%. 

The pioneer of this sector notable for it's growth of 35% by selling 9,480 units is however, Ashok Leyland. Eicher has registered a sale of 2,905 units in M&HCV in January 2015. SML Isuzu Trucks stocked 740 units, marking the second highest sales growth in this segment. Piaggio and AMW are optimistic, hoping for the clouds to pass and shine on them some light in the form of an escalated growth. On the other hand, Force Motors have registered a fall of 5%. 

Indian commercial vehicle market share in January 2015

The most stable of all these in the aspects of market share has been Tata Motors, maintaining an impressive 45% share of the commercial vehicle market.  Mahindra & Mahindra have lost sight of the race in the CV segment and lost 4% market share the past one year. Ashok Leyland is notable for its commendable upsurge of 4% in the market share making up for the losses faced by Mahindra & Mahindra. One of the silent competitors in this segment, VECV has also documented a rise in market share from 4.6 to 5.5%. This upsurge is ascribed to its recent introduction of the PRO series with eye catching aspects of being budget friendly, having better mileage and attractive features and technical specifications.

Premium Truck maker Volvo, however experiences a flat share of the market for Commercial vehicles.

Truck market share in India

Tata Motors has risen to the occasion of undoubtedly being the leaders, and has been for a very long time. Few years back, Tata had the clear majority against Ashok Leyland with a market share ratio of 70% to 25%. In recent times however, such a marked difference does not exist and this segment is characterized by it's heavy competition.  In the month of January 2015, Tata managed to maintain it's 54% market share while VECV went down the market share ladder by 2%. Mahindra & Mahindra have commanded their strong hold and experienced a flat market share of 2%. The manufacturers at AMW have also seen a loss of 2% of their market share, while at SML Isuzu, things have been plain and spineless with a flat share of things. VECVs and Volvo have handled a meagre 0.3% market share.

The growth of Tata Motors to it's former state of glory may be imminent with their recent launching of their premium truck series, Tata Prima in the Overseas market.

Though Tata Motors have been legends at this game, the maximum growth in the Indian Truck market however is seen in Ashok Leyland and SML Isuzu.

The Truck Market share is dictated by Tata's share with a stunning majority of 43%, with Mahindra Truck and bus not lagging far behind, boasting a share of 38%. Also, Eicher is notable in this sector for it's market share of 15%. In the Premium side of things, Volvo has also shown a whooping growth of 83%.

Brand wise truck market share in India January 2015

Mahindra Automobiles witness a slight degradation in market share in the LCV segment of about 1%, while on the sunnier side of things, Tata Motors have emerged as the leaders once again with their outstanding 42% share. This could be pointed towards the launch of their new upgraded model of Tata ACE for special applications which is expected to be introduced in the markets in December 2015. 

Brand wise Bus market share

The LCV Bus segment can be characterized by excellent strides shown by both VECV and SML Isuzu. They have both seen increased market shares and things look stable at both their ends. The Maximum growth however was registered by Eicher bus with a market share of 51%, while Mahindra & Mahindra are not too far behind with their incredible 47% growth. Two of the major players of this segment are Tata and Ashok Leyland. Tata has maintained a stable market share of 46%, while Ashok Leyland has come down to 37.8% after losing 1.2% of their share. 

Brand wise market share of LCV bus in India

The trend has not been steady, and the LCV segment has always been noted for its many ups and downs. Its rainy days and clear skies. The market leader of this segment, Force Motors has emerged as one of the top players in the scene showcasing its flagship model of the Travel Bus. The last couple of weeks have seen intensive campaigning, advertisements and commercialization of this product on all TV channels and this has gained increased support for its sales. On the darker side of things, Tata lost 10% of its market growth while to balance it, Eicher has gained a comfortable 7% market share. Mahindra & Mahindra however, have lost a major 16% of their share, while SML Isuzu have gained an additional 5%. The Maximum growth however was recorded by VECV-Eicher by 165% and secondly, SML Isuzu by a tremendous 128%.

Source: Autobei, SIAM

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