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The total sales for Eicher Trucks and Buses including exports for December 2013 stood at 2,807 units as against 4,032 units in December 2012, registering 30% de-growth. The domestic sales for December 2013 decreased by 34% at 2,372 units against 3598 units sold in December 2012. Exports for the month were 435 units against 434 units exported during December 2012.

The cumulative year-to-date sales for calendar year 2013 witnessed 16% reduction and stood at 40,550 units as compared with 48,262 units sold during the same period of year 2012. Domestic sales for January to December period of 2013 stood at 37,250 units against 45761 units over the same period in 2012, registering 19% decline. The year-to-date exports for year 2013 grew by 32% with 3,300 units against 2,501 units in 2012.

Source – Company,ACG

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