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The Indian bus industry has everything to cheer for looking at the sales figures for the month of April 2013. A total of 8362 buses were sold for the month of April 2013, which is 995 more than what they managed during the same month for 2012, recording a 13.50% growth.  Both the LCV and M&HCV shows positive growth during the period at 20% and 7.15% respectively.


The two major share holders of M&HCV bus segment, Ashok Leyland and Tata Motors had their sales figures close to what it was for the same month last year. Evidently Eicher and SML Izusu managed an increase in sales in April 2013 as compared against April 2012.

Ashok Leyland remains the market leader in this segment , but their share has came down to 40.32% in April 2013 from 44.89% in April 2012. Tata Motors also saw their share reduced to 33% in April 2013 , while it was 36.54% in April 2012. Eicher enjoyed a considerable gain in market share which came up to 14.35% in April 2013 as against 8.22% for April 2012.


The month of April 2013 handed out the LCV bus segment with good growth , where all OEMs have positive growth to boast about. LCV segment market leader Tata Motors had their sales increased by 15%, where as second placed Force Motors saw their sales grow by 20.98%. The market share in LCV segment remains constant in April 2013 as compared against same month last year.

*Source – ACG, SIAM

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  1. The analysis should be more precise to show region wise sales and market share

    • Dear Mr. Ramchandran,

      Region wise, Segmentwise, State Wise and Brand wise with forecast for next 5 years actual, trends etc. are part of our paid service


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