Tata Motors passenger vehicle sales trend

Recently added two cars in Tata product portfolio contributed significantly in Tata car sales. However Tata Motors sales trend showed sharp decline after FY 2011-12. In 2008-09 it sold 200,159 units but in FY 2014-15 its sales decline to the lowest level.


Tata Motors CV sales trend analysis

Tata Motors is a market leader in Indian Commercial vehicle market from long time. Bharatbenz and other OEM are now started to give good competition but still it keep its market share at the top near around 60%.

Month wise Sales trend FY 2014-15:


tata Motors month wise sales in FY 2014-15

April 14 and March 15 were two best month for Tata motors (Passenger vehicle and Commercial Vehicle for Domestic market).



tata motors export analysis month wise

September 14 and March 15 were the best month for the company in export of its PV and CV vehicles.

Total Sales Overview:


tata Motors march sales FY 2014-15

Its sales increased slightly in domestic and export market. Overall sales registered 3% growth by selling 52,479 units in March 2015.


Tata Motors lcv and m&hcv sales march 2015

M&HCV segment is continue performing better compare to LCV. 20% is impressive and noted growth by Tata Motors.


Tata Motors passenger vehicle sales march 15

Tata Zest and Tata Bolt has given good impact on company car sales but it is not as per expectation of the market. Car segment registered 33% growth but its MUV & MUV segment registered de growth of 28%. Tata is launching its new SUV product range to gain once again its leading position and compete Mahindra & Mahindra.

Source: Tata Motors, Autobei database

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