Malaysia Automobile Production 1980 to 2015

Malaysian Automotive market shown drastic growth after 1980 and it stable after 2013.

In 1980's the market size of car in Malaysia was 80,422 and it touched 5,63,883 units in 2015.

Malaysia commercial vehicle productionMalaysia commercial vehicle productionThe Malaysia CV market became more than double since 1980.

Sales Analysis:

Malaysia car sales trend

Trenmendous sales growth since 1980 to 2015. From 80,422 to 5,63,883 units.

Commercial vehicle Sales Trend:

Malaysia CV market sales2005 and 2006 year were the best year for Mayasia CV Industry.

Import Duty:

4w Drive vehicle import duty

A) Motor Cars (Including Station Wagons, Sports Cars and Racing Cars)

CV Import duty duty


Source: MAA, ACG

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