For the month of April 2013, a total of 208,386 units of passenger vehicles were sold in the Indian Market overall. This is an 8.21% de-growth as compared against same month last previous year where a total of 227,037  units were sold.

Car Segment 

In the passenger car segment, Maruti Suzuki continues to be the lead the sales charts once gain. A gain in market share is also welcome for them increasing their stake to 50.74% in April 2013, from 43.32% during the same month last year. Hyundai also suffers a slight decrease in their sales compared to last year, while Tata Motors suffered a heavy downfall where they sold 10,000 cars less in comparison with Apr’ 12. Eventually the market share is almost halved, from a 11.05% in April 2012 to 5.91% for April 2013.


Mahindra and Mahindra continues their consistent  run in this segment with 20,180 units sold for April 2013, compared to 19,057 units sold for same month last year. Renault ‘s Duster also show good results gaining them a market share by 13%.Toyota is the worst affected manufacturer in this segment suffering a 45.37 % decrease in sales and losing substantial market share which came down to 10.60% from 20.18% in comparison with April 2012.


Somehow Maruti Suzuki hangs on to the leader-board in Van Segment , but their sales are down by 25.82 % . Tata Motors are performing a bit better in this segment thereby snatching some substantial market share from the Maruti.



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