Ford India sold 15,282 vehicles in combined domestic wholesales and exports in July, a 24% increase from 12,338 vehicles sold in the corresponding month last year. July exports grew by 72% at 7,690 vehicles from 4,471 vehicles a year ago, while domestic wholesales drop by 3.5% at 7,592 units compared to 7,867 units sold in July last year.

In line with its philosophy of democratizing technology, Ford also launched an Innovate Mobility Challenge Series in eight different locations around the world in July, including Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai in India. The challenge invites developers to use Ford’s Open XC program to create mobile phone applications that leverage vehicle data and real-time infrastructure information, such as traffic bottlenecks, for the benefit of fellow drivers. Each region has a specific challenge for participants to tackle and winners will be determined by a panel of Ford executives and local experts.

Ford also inaugurated its fourth Parts Distribution Centre in India in July, demonstrating the company’s commitment to boost its service reach across India. The company also has regional parts warehouse in Chennai, Mumbai and Delhi.

Source – ACG, Company

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