For the first 9 months of year 2013, Volkswagen Group has registered sales growth of 4.8% worldwide year-on-year. Traditionally Western Europe was their largest market, but for the first time Asia Pacific became the most productive market for VW group. Audi and Porsche have been major contributors to the outcome.  The market recovery of China as per forecast had played a big role in making VW succeed in the region.

BRIC Scenario

BRIC region has been one of the major focuses for VW group. The region which includes some of the biggest markets in  the world now contributes 45% of total sales for VW Group. China has been a booming ground, but somehow the performance in markets like Russia and India are below par.

The scenario stays imminent if they manage to pull out positives from the remaining three BRIC markets;  soon enough VW will be the number one automotive manufacturer in the world.

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