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In the highly competitive Heavy Commercial Vehicle market the manufacturer's go all out to give value addition to their product with added special features to differentiate them self from the competition and to have an edge over them. Ultimately these special features enhance the profitability by way of increasing the KM per liter and reduced maintenance cost. Volvo is leading the way with modern “I-SHIFT TECHNOLOGY” in their commercial vehicles.


Having the right ratio for the right speed at the right time is what the “I-SHIFT” transmission technology is all about.


By continuously monitoring the road gradient, vehicle speed, acceleration, Torque demanded by the particular road, weight, rolling and Air resistance; the “I-SHIFT” can instantly predict and select the most appropriate ratio for efficient utilization of the engine. In short, it knows when and where a shift would be beneficial.

I-SHIFT transmission technology have set a new transmission standard which increases the fuel economy, safety, and driver friendly- easy to operate. It is termed as AUTOMATED MANUAL TRANSMISSION which delivers increased level of productivity with maximized driver comfort, safety, payload capacity and increased KM per Liter.

I-SHIFT can be customised in order to meet the specific demand of the vehicle depending on the operational requirement.


I shift continuously monitors the gradient, Acceleration, vehicle speed, Rolling resistance, Air resistance, weight and Torque demand.

With the help of Grade sensor, it reads the steep and how it is going to change.
For the next rolling 30 second period, the “I shift” predict and selects most appropriate engine parameters for efficient utilization of the engine.

I shift continuously predicts and selects the most efficient utilization of the engine over the next rolling 30 second period.

Basic Family:

  • Basic
  • Enhanced Basic
  • Fuel Economy

In the Basic design there is no manual shift buttons on the Gear shift knob and no option available for ECONOMY / PERFORMANCE selection (E/P).

Premium Family:

  • Performance
  • Comprehensive

Option available on the Gear lever which enables the driver select between ECONOMY and PERFORMANCE operating modes. Also manual up down shift is possible by means of shift button on the handle.

Minimized operating cost:
I SHIFT enables the driver to shift the gear so as to get more fuel efficiency, in turn reduces the fuel cost. The smooth gear shifting on the other hand reduces the stress on the drive line and tires and hence increases the life span of the drive units and reduces the maintenance cost. Due to its light weight, which facilitates increase in pay load and still you can maintain the specified GVW.

Driver Friendly- Ease of operation:
No driver intervention is needed because the I SHIFT always selects the right gear. This level of ease helps with driver retention, and reduces the time it takes for the driver to make a profit on the road.

Enhanced safety:
Easier operation means less fatigue / stress on drivers. I shift reduces fatigue and improves concentration. This allows the drivers to give full attention to manoeuvring the vehicles.

Can be upgraded with ease:
I shift high torque rating allows for unlimited engine power and torque upgradability. Since all engine rating share the same HW within each engine size. This makes it easy to adapt to changing route performance requirements and can easily be upgraded for the variable performance required by the second owner.


I shit is designed by keeping the top priority as Fuel consumption. I SHIFT by virtue of its technological innovations enhances the fuel efficiency and hence reduces the fuel cost. Few of these innovations are briefed as below.

Better utilization of Engine:

The microprocessor intelligence system installed in the I shift technology increases the time the engine runs in the “sweet spot” ie. Ideal condition, which leads to increased KM per litre.


The Eco- Roll feature utilises the Kinetic energy, ie. The vehicle motion, to move the truck on the non-flat terrain efficiently and saving fuel cost up to 2%.

Eco-Roll allows the transmission to disengage the engine in certain situation such as moderate hills. The vehicle will roll out longer delaying the need to engage the transmission to the engine, results in fuel saving without compromising on safety part.

Forced Lubrication:

I-Shift lube oil pump enables the lubricants to pass through the drilled passages precisely where it is required after proper filtration. This results in enhanced life and improved performance.

Direct Drive Option:

The option of direct drive in I shift mechanism, the output shaft is directly linked to the input shaft thereby eliminating power loss due to frictions. This results in saving in fuel cost up to 1.5% and up to 3-4 Horse power as compared to over drive transmission.


Based on the requirement the driver can select between Economy and Performance mode.

In the Economy mode the Transmission and Engine Parameters are selected in such a way that the combination maximises the fuel efficiency.
Accordingly in the performance mode importance being given for maximum gradeability.

There are four programmable settings to match the way you operate.

1. Kick Down:
The I-shift kick down pedal is included in certain feature packages is programmed to maximize acceleration. There are 3 customer programmable K-D settings.

2.Engine Brake performance mode:
When we activate the Engine Brake performance mode, it selects a gear that maximises retardation. This is being operated by a multifunction switch that controls engine brake, Brake cruise and engine brake activation speed during cruising.

3.Idle driving mode:
This is a valuable “cruise control” enhancement for driving slowly (in congested area for example). Idle driving allows the Engine to operate at idle speed without cycling the clutch or using the Accelerator pedal for best fuel economy. The driver adjusts the speed by selecting the gear that best suits the movement of the traffic. This is especially useful when backing a trailer. The idle governor adjusts the torque to maintain idle speed (and constant vehicle speed) even if the engine load varies.

4.Up to four reverse Gear:
Options are available with I shift to have two reverse gear operations. The driver can activate high reverse gear as per his requirements.

Features & Benefits

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