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The registration of Trucks and Vans in UK market declined by 4.7% for the month of May 2013 as compared against May 2012. A total of 24,149 units were registered in May this year, while the registrations stood at 25,327 in May last year. Meanwhile, the sector registered 8.3% increase in sales for year-to-date (January-May) 2013 as against same period the previous year.

The commercial segment under 3.5t GVW constitutes 86% of the total market share in UK as on May 2013. A small share of vehicles comes under 3.5 to 6 ton category consists of 2.22% , while those over 6t contributes 11.38% of the commercial vehicle population

Market Trend Year-To-Date, January to May 2013 

For Commercial goods vehicles less than 3.5t, even though the May 2013 sales fall behind the May 2012 sales by 3.74%, the sales for January-May 2013 is encouraging as it is up by 13% as against same period the previous year selling 110,136 units. For Medium Commercial Vehicles (> 3.5 t and < 6.0 t) the year to date sales fall by a negative 23.59% in year-to-date 2013. The heavy commercial vehicles sales is also in a blip as their sales reduced by 12.24 for 2013 so far compared with January to May of 2012.

Top 3 Brands – Commercial vehicles < 3.5 t

Ford is the market leader in light commercial vehicle segment of GVW less than 3t and consume 27% of the total segment share. Volkswagen is the second most preferred brand in the segment with 13.96% share with Vauxhall is fractionally behind with 11.38% market share at the third spot.

Top 3 Brands – Commercial vehicles > 3.5 t and < 6.0 t

The most successful brand in this segment is also Ford and accumulates 41.50% of total sales in the segment for year 2013 so far. Mercedes light trucks comes into the second spot with 23.02% and Fiat stays at third with 18.52% segment share.

Commercial vehicles > = 6.0 t

The commercial vehicle segment  of UK  greater than 6t GVW,  succumbed to a 12.21% decline in sales for January to May period of 2013. DAF is the most successful heavy truck makers in United Kingdom with their range of signature tractors. They managed to sell a total of 4089 so far this year as against 5058 in same period last year thus registering a 19.16% decline.

The market leader DAF had lost some market share during January to May period of 2013 and came down to 28% as compared with same period of the previous year where they hold 31% market share in heavy truck segment. Mercedes had also witnessed their share shrunk to 14% as on year-to-date for 2013 from 16% during same period of 2012. Meanwhile Scania and MAN had improved their share in the segment

Source : ACG European Market Analysis

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