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They say that class speaks for itself. They say it's not just power, but also beauty and soul that captures the mind.They say that just the sound of a car's name must make you stop in your tracks and go in awe.  Especially if the car is one with James Bond getting out of it.

Ever since the movie "Goldfinger" in 1965 featured the slick British spy driving an Aston Martin Silver Birch DB5 sports car, men all around the world who have idolised James Bond for so long were made aware of another spectacle, the Aston Martin. The car whose name still brings looks of jealousy today ,was unheard of till the year 2013. After the famous James Bond movies, customers recognized the brand as something exotic and though awareness and brand recognition increased, sales still saw a flat low line.

Aston Martin car

The advent of the Aston Martin began back in 1913 with Robert Bamford and Lionel Martin grouping together to form a company in London to sell Singer cars. In honour of their business partner, the name changed to Aston Martin with it's focus on high calibre sports cars.  International events like the French Grand Prix and 24 hours of Le Mans saw the Aston Martin making it's debut in the 1920's. After the launching of the DB1 in 1948, it bagged the first place in the 24 hours of Le Mans and also won the World Sports Car Championship the same year in 1959. The year 1994 saw Ford Motor Company proceeding full proprietorship of the Aston Martin after a string of various owners and in the year 2007. Ford sold Aston Martin to a group on investors for $925 million. This was a turning point for the company, which made 5000 cars a year at the time,each bagging a high end price of $100,000.

One of the significant turning points for this company was without doubt its collaboration with Daimler. Daimler AG and Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd. signed an agreement of technical partnership allowing Mercedes- AMG and Aston Martin to jointly develop the V8 engines. Mercedes will provide the engines required for their Aston Martin's new fleet of sports vehicles. The situation works as a win-win for both sides. This partnership built a strong, consolidated foundation for the company's significant growth in the coming years. This also helped to bring cutting-edge technologies and innovation to the front.

James Bond movies marked the beginning of popularity for the elegant, but powerful DB5, which marked it's production in the year 1963. Totally alien to the ears of car lovers, the Aston Martin made it's mark and etched it's name well and deep into the rocks of elite car manufacturers after it's highly acclaimed appearance, with it's detailed elegance in movies like "Thunderball" and "Golden Eye".  Following this, the Aston Martin V12 Vanquish was featured in "Die Another Day" during it's premier in 2002. The majestic silver beauty is seen drifting along the backgrounds of an icy floor expertly displaying it's intricacies and marvellous design. The DBS also made an appearance in "Casino Royale" in 2006 starring Daniel Craig.

Though James Bond's movies were watched worlwide and enjoyed by millions across the globe, the movies were able to only make the people recognize the brand, but did nothing to increase the sales or number of units sold over the year. There was no significant change in the sales of the Aston Martin. But this marked the beginning of the pride and respect attached to this brand and slowly, but surely, the Aston Martin has come closer to the zenith, and is regarded today as one of the top, high-end, respectable, reputed, classy, majestic cars in the world. Will this help to increase sales, however is the real question. After more than 100 years of being in the system, has the Aston Martin really impacted the change it could've done with all that time?

All things apart, all eyes are on Aston Martin's Vulcan which is to be showcased in the Geneva Auto show on the 3rd of March. This has witnessed extravagant anticipation and the world awaits to see what's in store with the Aston Martin's next magnificient, captivating creation.

The particular situation of the Aston Martin In India, is however undecided and wavering. Despite the fact that most of the population are binded by monetary chains, there are still some units of the car being sold. This can be attributed to brand recognition and the brand's undying advertisement with it's Bond movies. This is rectified to an extent with the company's solution of resale of second-hand cars. Customers still get to live their dream of owning an Aston Martin, and also not spending their entire fortune on it.  The picture in India will get better with more of the high-end people purchasing Aston Martins as a sign of privilege, class, and pride. It may not bag the maximum composition of the market share, but will nevertheless not fail to make a mark. People have come to realize the uniqueness and luxurious facilities offered by the Aston Martin. It's excellent performance is also coupled together with a long lasting design and escalated product life cycle, making it one of the most sought after cars. As more and more people are willing to pool in all and go for the grandeur magnificence of Aston Martin, it's revenue will be an upward curve.


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