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The overall sales of automobiles including exports stood at 6,735,988 units in April-July period of FY 2013-13 as against 6,892,768 units during same period of FY 2012-13, recording 2.27% decrease. Domestic Sales for the April-July period of financial year 2013-14 stood at 57,90,184 units as against 59,13,993 units during same period for financial year 2012-13, registering 2.21% decline. Total Exports marks 3.37% decline for April-July 2013-14 at 945,804 units against 978,775 units in April-July 2012-13.

Domestic Sales 

  • Turbulence continues in the commercial vehicle industry as domestic sales are down by 9.91% in April-July FY 2013-14 with 2,23,634 units as against 2,48,225 units during same period of FY 2012-13.
  • Passenger Vehicle segment witnessed 7.49% decline despite raining down discounts and special offers. The April-July period of FY 2013-14 saw 7, 93,708 units sold as against 8, 57,977 units sold during the same period of FY 2012-13.
  • The sales of two wheelers for April-July period of FY 2013-14 stood at 46,22,669 units as against 46,52,251 units during April-July FY 2012-13, representing a decrease of 0.64%.
  • Three Wheeler sales saw a decrease of 3.45% with 1, 50,173 units sold in April-July FY 2013-14 as against 1, 55,540 units in April-July of FY 2012-13.

The two wheeler contribution has increased to 80% for the period April-July FY 2013-14 from 79% during April-July FY 2012-13, while passenger vehicle segment had lost 1 point and settle at 14%.


  •  Passenger vehicle segment registered 2.39% increase in exports for April-July FY 2013-14 with 191,483 units against 187,005 units during April-July FY 2012-13.
  • Three wheelers export numbers are impressive for April-July of FY 2013-14, as they increased by 46.47% at 118,702 units as against 81,042 units in April-July of FY 2012-13.
  • Two Wheeler Exports decline at 9.88% for April-July FY 2013-14 at 603,917 units as against 681,189 units in April-July FY 2012-13.
  • Considerable decline is saw in Commercial Vehicle Segment at 26.53% in  April-July FY 2013-14. , with 21,702 units sold as against 29,539 units during April-July FY 2012-13.

Three wheelers export share has increased to 13% in April-July FY 2013-14 while two wheeler share fall to 65%. Passenger Vehicle segment has gained one point in their exports share for  April-July FY 2013-14 as commercial vehicle segment lost one point.


  • The April-July period of FY 2013-14 witnessed three wheeler production increase by 19.10% with 270,865 units as against 227,430 units during April-May 2012-13.
  • For two wheelers the production in April-July FY 2013-14 decrease by 3.26% at 5,239,763 units as against 5,416,260 units during April-July FY 2012-13.
  • Commercial vehicle production decrease by 4.69% in April-July FY 2013-14 with 252,515 units as against 264,947 units during same period of FY 2012-13.
  • Passenger Vehicle segment production reduced by 5.44% in April-July period of FY 2013-14 at 1,011,376 units as against 1,069,479 units during the same period of FY 2012-13.

Three Wheeler segment contribution gained one point for April-July FY 2013-14 from two wheeler segment as against same period of April-July FY 2012-13.


According to the recent data released by the Central Statistics Office (CSO) industrial output dropped for successive month in June, decreasing by 2.2%. The core industries like manufacturing, mining and power sectors had all badly hit. The production of capital goods had also dropped. Inflation is still at high for July at 9.64% even though it has slightly improved compared to 9.87% for the previous month. The constant hike in diesel and petrol prices along with high interest rates are providing tough challenge to the automobile sector. A weakened GDP and a weak Rupee against Dollar is tipped to make the scenario worse.

Source – ACG, SIAM

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