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The sales for Hyundai Motor India Limited (HMIL) remained flat for the month of June 2013 as against June 2012. The company had sold 54,667 units including exports in June 2013 as against 54,354 units in June 2012. In domestic market 30,610 vehicles are sold against 30,450 vehicles sold during June 2012. Exports for the month were 24,057 units.

During the first quarter (April to June) for the financial year 2013-14 Hyundai India sales including exports stood at 168,477 units, registering a 2.3% rise as compared with 164,629 units sold in the same quarter for previous financial year. The domestic sales were 95,115 units in the Q1 FY 2013-14 against 97,530 units sold during Q1 FY 2012-13, recording a 2.5% decline. Exports posted 9.3% growth, 73,363 vehicles were exported in Q1 FY 2013-14 against 67,009 units sold during Q1 FY 2012-13.

Global sales registered a 9% growth during the April to May period of 2013 where 1,214,440 units sold as against 1,109,779 units for same period of previous year.

Source – ACG, Company

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