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The long awaited launch of Ford EcoSport finally came to an end with its official launch in stunning style. EcoSport is offered in 10 variants, 3 engine options and 7 colors. Through Ecosport, Ford will be the first auto manufacturer in India to offer Emergency Assistance – a potentially life-saving feature in utility segment. Moreover the price will start at Rs. 5.59 lakhs.

The manufacturers took 18 months to bring the car to the market entirely optimized for Indian conditions. Ford EcoSport is less than 4 meter long with a ground clearance of 200mm. The 1.0L EcoBoost delivers full torque at just 1500rpm. They model comes with 18.88 kmpl mileage and produce just 126g of CO2 per kilometre.

The arrival of EcoSport had already put many players in this segment on alert and most notably Duster who will now face a direct competition in their segment for the first time since its launch. Interestingly EcoSport has the interior features of a luxury car but exterior of an SUV. And along with the 10 variants and their perfectly poised price range gives them a perfect chance to overlap into Hatchback, Sedan and MUV segments. Besides Duster, the likes of i20, Amaze and even Mahindra Quanto will now face off a fresh challenge.

Ford vs Renault – Model Sales 

Renault Duster is performing well in SUV segment so far. To be a worrying factor Duster remains to be Renault’s only successful product in Indian market till date. But Ford tells a different story. They have a strong presence in passenger car segment and have a strong backing from the Figo which sells out in good numbers. The arrival of EcoSport will now look to clinch numbers from Duster.

Ford vs Renault – Model Sales Share %

The segment share shows that Figo contributed 79% of Ford’s sales in FY 2012-13. Similar contribution is made by Duster for Renault with 74.70% sales had been contributed by Duster. Losing out of numbers with EcoSport can threaten Renault’s existence in India. But for Ford, a good performance from EcoSport will further strengthen their position since they already have a performing model in Figo.

Ford vs Renault Product Portfolio – Passenger Car Segment

Ford vs Renault Product Portfolio – SUV Segment

The launch of EcoSport now presents several of the Indian Car Markers with a fresh challenge if backed with good product performance and after sales services. Renault will come into the big picture and will be interesting to see how they see of their new opponents. However it is evident that one can’t just survive with one product in market. It is high time that Renault together with Nissan define a new strategy to counter the threats.

Ford EcoSport Features

  • 200mm ground clearance
  • Higher seating
  • Fuel economy of a 1 litre, Power like a 1.6
  • Keyless Entry and Push-button Start
  • First-in-segment SYNC in-car connectivity
  • EPAS(with Pull-Drift Compensation)
  • Traction control and ESP
  • Rear parking sensors
  • ABS and EBD

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  1. Renault is a single-model wonder in India. Ford also, with Ford Figo.

    Ford has generated the right hype & seem to have almost got the pricing right.

    Now it depends how the Indian consumer will see ‘value for money’. Also, Ford has the baggage of ‘not-so-great’ record on the after-sales service.

    The consumer should be happy, as he has one more option, in that segment.

    • Having said so , Ford has to now backup the initial buzz for EcoSport with almost perfect performance and after sales to sustain. Don t forget Duster is a proven product.

  2. EcoSport has excellent looks and stimulating the competition.

    Regards, Mohankrishna Gaddipati , Plant Head, RSB Transmissions (I) Ltd

  3. Eco sport is a tough competitor for all SUVs reasonably priced and exteriors is perfect interiors are customized to every need only problem is there service network and spares cost if they r controlled then it will rock.

    Vivek Sharma

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