AMW sales analysis

Source: ACG database

If you would like to know how after sales play the important role and its impact in Commercial vehicle Industry. Refer AMW Business Review. The AMW products are excellent as per our latest study research report. It is the example how company register excellent growth over product life cycle but due to lack of proper after sales strategy and wrong business planning could be reason of degrowth. One time major Indian and European OEMs considered AMW as one of the major competitors in heavy-duty truck segment specially tipper segment.

Current updates of AMW:

  • Dealer margin affected
  • Currently dealers are also going thru difficult situation
  • Delivery waiting period issue
  • Spare parts price issue
  • Excellent product
  • Need to improve after sales service
  • Dealer support
  • Financial support (loan) to customers
  • Transportation cost (Plant to dealers) of the vehicle pass to the dealer
  • Dealer margin around 40,000 INR

AMW price 2015

Source: ACG database

AMW price is competitive and comes in budget truck segment.Tipper (16T, 25T & 31T) price starts with 19 lakhs and goes upto 29 lakhs.Haulage price range is 16 to 21 lakhs, Tractor price range is 17 lakhs to 24 lakhs and Special Application vehicle comes in the range of 19 lakhs to 28 lakhs. Download detail pricing analysis here.

ACG Business Review – AMW Motors

AMW Motors Business review 2015





AMW Sales and Market trend:

AMW sales and market share

FY 2011-12 was the best year for the company. It touched more than 10,000 sales units in this year. After FY 2012, it showed only de-growth. However another HD player in the same segment started to show positive sales.

Segment Analysis:

AMW segment analysis

Horse Power (hp):

amw engine and truck portfolio

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