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These are tips provided by ACG Team to bring out the best performance out of the engine of your vehicle, by using these tips the performance would be similar to what shown in the graph below.

Periodic Engine Oil Change 

Periodic Engine oil change keeps the Engine Cool and the working components associated healthy. This avoids overheating and reduces the friction between moving components and hence enhances their life. A delay in oil replacement causes residuals deposits in the working components, which increases the rolling resistance and hence the maintenance cost of the vehicle apart from causing major break downs.

Engine Oil Top Up

Every Engine consumes some oil during normal operations. Regular check up oil preferably every day and topping up if necessary helps you get enhanced life of your Engine. If you feel the oil consumption is abnormal please get the Engine checked for the followings.

-Clogged Air Filter
-Clogged Fuel filter
-Worn out Piston Rings
-Leakage through oil seals and
-Any external leakages.

Engage the Right Gear For Right Load
* Select the Gear which is just appropriate to pull the vehicle. Selecting the lower gear than the required gear causes excessive Engine over heat and drastically reduces the Engine life.
* Always try to be on Top gear as much as possible.
* Use differential lock only when it is required.

Check The Valve Clearance

Check for excessive valve clearance or low valve clearance:
-Excessive valve clearance delays the valve opening results in loss of power, engine overheating and Valve tapping.
-Low valve clearance results in loss of compression and hence loss of power, Excessive smoke and Engine over heat.
-Engine life drastically reduces in above both the case.

Valve Timing

Get the valve timing checked periodically. This will help the Engine to deliver its optimum performance with less wear and tear and low fuel consumption.

Engine Breather

Check for clogged breather regularly. Chocked breather may cause breaking tendency on the Engine moving components results in loss of power and Engine over heating and the efficiency drop.

Drive Train

The components involved in the drive train should be free from any kind of rolling resistance, otherwise the resistance force will be directly transferred to the Engine which drastically reduces the life of the Engine. The examples are :

-Tyre Inflation.
-Brake bindings.
-Wheel alignment.
-Oil level in the final drive
-Wheel bearing greasing etc.

In short , take into account these points when you think of getting the best out of the engine.

*Periodic Engine Oil Change
*Engine Oil Top Up
*Engage the Right Gear For Right Load
*Check The Valve Clearance
*Valve Timing
*Engine Breather
*Drive Train



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    there are additives which improves engine performance without doing overhauling etc do you have any idea about this…..

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