TVS Motor Company recorded 27% growth in sales during the month of September 2014, with total sales of 250,853 units in the month of September 2014 against 197,409 units recorded in the month of September 2013.

TVS vehicles sales september 2014_ACG

Total two wheeler sales shown  27% growth from 189,609 unit sold in September 2013 to 241,668 units in September 2014. Domestic two wheeler sales registered by 29%  September 2014.

Three wheeler sales of the company registered an increase of 17%, growing from 7,800 units in September 2013 to 9,167 units in September 2014.

The company's total exports grew by 15% with 31,616 units in September 2014. Two wheeler exports registered a growth of 15%  70,508 units in September 2014.

TVS segment wise sales September 2014_ACG

The total sales for Bajaj stood at 399,450 units for the month of September 2014 witnessed 9% in September 2014.

Bajaj Auto Sales overview September 2014_ACG

The cumulative sales of Bajaj has shown maximum growth in export 27% and its commercial Vehicle 17%.

Bajaj Auto Cumulative Sales September 2014_ACG

Source: ACG, TVS & Bajaj Auto

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