Chinese Heavyweight foraying into Indian HCV market SinoTruk entry into Indian Commercial Vehicle Market

Jeet Kasar Country Manager SinoTruk India


In an exclusive interview with Autobei Consulting Group, Mr. Jeet Kasar, Jeet Kasar Country Manager SinoTruk IndiaCountry Manager of SinoTruk India spoke on the Company entry Strategy, Product planning, Segments, and Indian CV market.                                                                                 

ACG: Please tell us about SINOTRUK and CNHTC?

Jeet Kasar: Sinotruk is a part of CNHTC (China National Heavy Duty Truck ) Group, Chinas 3rd largest Heavy truck manufacturer. CNHTC is considered as the cradle of Heavy duty trucks. With more than 48,000 workforce Sinotruk operates in Jinan province. Sinotruk product range covering from Heavy duty truck, Light Duty Trucks, Buses, Special purpose trucks and military trucks. Sinotruk is also the leader in businesses like auto financing, Construction Machinery, and real estate. The state of the art National Heavy Duty Automotive Engineering Technology Research Centre and Heavy-Duty Truck Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Sinotruk makes the products of Sinotruk world class. Sinotruk is present in more than 100 countries across the globe with 9 overseas vehicle assembly plants. Sinotruk is a leading automotive component supplier to major luxury truck brands.

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