In December 2014 month also Maruti Suzuki has registered 9.8% growth compare to November 2014. Maruti Suzuki registered record sales in December 2014 with 109,791 units sold. In Current month Maruti Suzuki has shown positive sales growth in all segment compare to November 2014. In production and export also registered positive growth.  Domestic sales grew by around 13% for December 2014 at 98,109 units against 86,613 units sold in December 2013. There is jump in export segment with 170% growth. Total it has sold 109,791 vehicle in Dec 2014. There were lot of sales promotion in December month by almost all OEM. Recently announcing of excise duty changes would impact price increase in 2015 and would have a slightly negative impact on Indian Automobile sales. 

Maruti car sales overview

The Cumulative sales for April to Dec 14, FY 2014-15 stood at 945,703 units against 830,170 vehicle sold during the same period of previous year, registering 14% growth. Domestic sales for the same period  were 853,532 units which grew by 13% as compared to the same period of FY 2013-14.

Month wise Maruti car sales

If we see the month wise sales trend of Maruti Suzuki in 2014, there is cyclic sales and continue ups and down.Since October 2014, graph is showing only upward trend due to positive indication of Macro Economy, New Model launch, Oil price and other positive market sentiments.

Maruti Suzuki Sales in Dec 2014Small car segment is continuing showing negetive growth. Economy and other segment registered positive growth. The small segment is moving to other segment and recent customer buying behavior has also impact on this shift.Model wise Maruti Car sales

December 2013 and December 2014 are having almost similar sales changes.Sales for Cars during April to December period of FY 2014-15 registered 11% growth against the same period of previous fiscal. Sales of Van segment grew by 31% while Utility Vehicles/MUV registered 11% growth for April-November period of FY 2014-15 against same period of previous year.

Maruti Suzuki sales

Small and and Economy segment is dominating the Maruti Car Sales. This segment is having rich product portifilio and it is well accepted by Indian consumers. It is dominating this segment from long time.

Model wise Maruti suzuki car sales

Latest update:

To give better after sales service Maruti has started free service "Free Check-up Camp" in December month. It also give attract new customer. Maruti is one of the OEM wide netowrk of after sales network in India.

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Source: Autobei, Maruti Suzuki



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