Chinese Heavyweight foraying into Indian HCV market SinoTruk entry into Indian Commercial Vehicle Market



In an exclusive interview with Autobei Consulting Group, Mr. Jeet Kasar, Jeet Kasar Country Manager SinoTruk IndiaCountry Manager of SinoTruk India spoke on the Company entry Strategy, Product planning, Segments, and Indian CV market.                                                                                 

ACG: Please tell us about SINOTRUK and CNHTC?

Jeet Kasar: Sinotruk is a part of CNHTC (China National Heavy Duty Truck ) Group, Chinas 3rd largest Heavy truck manufacturer. CNHTC is considered as the cradle of Heavy duty trucks. With more than 48,000 workforce Sinotruk operates in Jinan province. Sinotruk product range covering from Heavy duty truck, Light Duty Trucks, Buses, Special purpose trucks and military trucks. Sinotruk is also the leader in businesses like auto financing, Construction Machinery, and real estate. The state of the art National Heavy Duty Automotive Engineering Technology Research Centre and Heavy-Duty Truck Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of Sinotruk makes the products of Sinotruk world class. Sinotruk is present in more than 100 countries across the globe with 9 overseas vehicle assembly plants. Sinotruk is a leading automotive component supplier to major luxury truck brands.

ACG: What are the reasons you decide to enter into Indian Market?

Jeet Kasar: India is the 7th largest economy in the globe with a GDP growth rate of 7.5% which attracts big business into India and makes the Indian market lucrative. The Indian CV industry is a transition point where the customer acceptance of foreign brands like Daimler, Scania, etc is growing. The Good Brand Image and market understanding of Sinotruk across vehicle categories such as CV, EV and the Special vehicle in Asian market give us an edge to compete in the Indian market.

ACG: In Which Segment you are planning to enter?

Jeet Kasar: Sinotruk is primarily a heavy duty truck manufacturer, so our focus areas would be in Commercial vehicles, Bus Sector and Generators.

ACG: How many numbers are you planning sell?

Jeet Kasar: As I said our primary aim is to understand the Indian market, Sinotruk has the wide range of product category based on the market potential we would like to plan.

ACG: The Indian CV  Industry is dominated by Local players, how will you crack this market?

Jeet Kasar: Customer Value Creation will be the prime focus of Sinotruk through High-Quality products suited for the Indian market.

ACG: How big is the market opportunity for you in next 5 years?

Jeet Kasar: Future of  Indian CV industry looks bright as gov policies such as GST, policies as Code and Scraping Policy will drive the industry. The infrastructure inv-policies and efforts by the government to modernize Indian road will help the industry to grow at the better rate.

ACG: What your plan for dealer network?

Jeet Kasar: Market reach is one of the important part in CV industry. The vast Indian geography pose challenge for all new entrants in terms of market reach. After Sales support is important in Customer Value Creation, we are looking at dealer partners who have very good expertise in the market and can establish the good relationship with the customers.

ACG: How will you handle brand perception of Chinese Product?

Jeet Kasar: In recent times the success of Oppos and Vivos has considerably changed the brand perception of Chinese products in Indian market. But Still, the HCV market is a different ball game, as I said our product enjoys a good brand image in South East Asia as well as Africa market where the road conditions are poorer than India and we are a major supplier of auto components for premium brands which vouch for our product quality.

ACG: What is the USP of your products?

Jeet Kasar: SINOTRUK products have stronger chassis and proven Engines.Our Products are stronger and with better fuel economy compared with local brands.The loading capacity and performance are much better.

ACG: Which is your target Segment?

Jeet Kasar: Initially Sinotruk is in the process of understanding the Indian market. As Sinotruk have large product portfolio, our target segment will be based on the market potential.

ACG: What is your strategy for Aftersales? After sales play a crucial role in India?

Jeet Kasar: Yes, it’s the backbone of CV industry the rise and fall of a company depend on its ability to provide After sales support to the customers. We will partner with capable dealers who understand the CV market better.

ACG: What would be your top priorities for the next 3 years in the Indian market?

Jeet Kasar: Deep Knowledge of the Indian market is important before entering the market. We would like to understand the market in terms of Competiton, Product, Customer behavior, Market requirements. And build our road map based on our learning. We are looking for partners to assemble trucks in India in future.

ACG: Do you think you should have been here earlier?

Jeet Kasar: Sinotruk has already had a base in India. We are the largest supplier of Marine engine to India. That business has given us learning in terms of market dynamics which helps us to venture us into other business.

ACG: What is your investment plan?

Jeet Kasar: It will be too early to comment on any investment plans.

ACG: What do you make of the commercial vehicle market now?

Jeet Kasar: The market has shown good progress in last few years, but the volatility in the market is an area of concern. A stronger leadership in the center and positive demand will take the industry to next level.

ACG: LCV is the largest segment in India.Do you have any plans to penetrate in this segment?

Jeet Kasar: LCV segment is highly competitive in India. With the suitable product and market reach, Sinotruk can succeed in the market.

ACG: Foreign Auto brands are struggling to a gain foothold in India, How big a challenge for Sinotruk?

Jeet Kasar: It's important to understand that Indian market is unique and it needs a different approach. Sinotruk top management is very clear about their approach to the Indian market. We are working closely with all stakeholders to understand their requirements and deliver the right product and services.

ACG: How will you compete with other players in this segment?

Jeet Kasar: If we have the right product which the market accepts we will be able to compete in the market.

ACG: Where does the Indian market stand in terms of importance for Sinotruk globally?

Jeet Kasar: India is a strategic market for Sinotruk both in terms of domestic and export point of view.Sinotruks look India as a manufacturing base in future to cater global demand.



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