In the month of May 2013, Eicher Trucks and Bus had sold 3488 units as compared to 3432 units in May 2012, thus marking a growth of 1.6%. The year to date sales were 19,190 units as against 20,918 in previous fiscal which is a degrowth of 8.26%.

Truck Segment

A total of 2248 trucks were sold by Eicher in Indian Market for the month of May 2013, which is 252 units less than what they sold during the same month last year. The year-to-date sales for 2013 stood at 14,630 trucks being sold as against 17,141 units during the same period last year thus recording a negative growth of   14.65%.

For Trucks greater than 16t, 415 units were sold during May 2013, as against 601 units for May 2012. The year-to-date sales for this segment also decreases as 3030 units were sold this year as against 3674 units the previous year thus showing a de-growth of 18%. For trucks range between 5 and 14 tons, 1833 units were sold in May 2013 as against 1899 units sold in same month previous year. But the year-to-date sales for this fiscal year marks a de-growth of 13.86%, as 11600 units sold for this fiscal year as against 13467 units in last fiscal for the same period.

Bus Segment

In Bus segment the performance of Eicher has been good so far , where a 124o units were sold during May 2013 as against 932 units in May 2012. The year-to date sales shows a remarkable 20.73% increase with 4560 units sold as against 3777 units for the same period the previous year.

Eicher Portfolio Segment Share 

Light Duty Segment has been the strongest performer among Eicher Brand. Somehow the consistent good performance of Bus segment had take some share from share from both the truck segments and increased their contribution to 24% in this fiscal year.



Better performance by VECV in comparison with peers in May’13

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Good Performance

June 3, 2013 - 7:59 am

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