BharatBenz is supporting on Emission norms regaulation


“Continuing discussions on BS4 are reflecting obvious attempts of some players in the Indian commercial vehicle industry to dilute this upcoming transition of emissions standards.”

“Recent studies on air quality show how important this project is for the people and the environment. It should not be diluted by commercial interests. There is no acceptable reason for any delay, as everyone in the industry had enough time to get ready for the transition.”

“We also believe that our BS4 vehicles are in fact economically beneficial for the customers as they deliver more kilometers per litre compared to BS3 and can, therefore, reduce the import bill of the Government of India.”

“We will shift production of BharatBenz trucks in March to vehicles equipped with state-of-the-art BS4 technology only.”

“With BharatBenz, we have the best technology in the market based on proven solutions. We have been selling several hundred BS4 vehicles since August 2015. The positive feedback from these early BS4 customers clearly tells us that BharatBenz is fully ready for the transition.”

“We have extensively trained our BharatBenz dealers and service personnel for our BS4 technology – our customers can expect a smooth transition to the BS4 standard.”

Quick facts / background information:                                                

  • DICV’s entire BharatBenz product range of trucks above 9 to 49 tonnes has been available as BS IV variants since August 2015. With several hundreds of BharatBenz BS IV vehicles on Indian roads already, DICV has collected extensive feedback from these early customers, which has been very positive.
  • BharatBenz BS IV vehicles meet the norms using a system derived from Bluetec technology proven in Daimler Vehicles in many markets over a decade. DICV has tested this technology in Indian operating conditions for over a million kilometers before offering to customers. Apart from meeting the stringent emission regulations of Bharat Stage IV norms, the vehicles also provide better fuel economy to customers.

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