Bajaj Auto Business Review


Bajaj Auto is the one of the major player in Bike and Three wheeler passenger vehicle segment. One time Bajaj was the market leader in the scooter segment. Bajaj Pulsar, Discover are major products in its product portfolio or only two major product brand which drive Bajaj Two-wheeler segment.  In Commercial vehicle segment, a company could not penetrate its CV range. Piaggio is still dominating the segment due to various reasons. 

Bajaj Business review and analysis

In FY 2015, Bajaj Auto two wheeler market share come down from 14% to 11%. Market share jumped from 39% to 44% in Three wheeler passenger segment. The company is playing by different permutation and combination of Pulsar and Discover brands. Currently, it diverted its key identity of this two product range.

After launching of 135cc Discover, a company started to promote it at the cost of 125 cc Discover bike. After getting poor response compare to expected for this new product, it started to promote once again 125cc and closed to promote 135cc.

Pulsar was launched with 150cc and now introduced with 135cc. We discussed with many customers also and most of them are not agreed with this lower version of Pulsar concept. Discover now available with the 150cc bike.

Pulsar us known for its power means start with 150cc. It introduced with 150cc. It look contradictory to launch lower version of Pulsar

There is the need to introduced and establish new product brand to keep its position and bike segment. Once the product would reach to at the end phase of product life cycle, a company would phase difficult to come back. There are a lot of example from Porsche to Hero brand which faced similar problems in Europe & India.

The Proper segment should define as per product specs and its target potential buyers. Customers got confused by having approx same option in the same category


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