State-Wise Indian Heavy Truck Sales Strategy – An Overview


State-wise Indian Heavy Truck Sales

The Indian Commercial Vehicle market is one of the most attractive markets that has been a focal point of the development of many Foreign OEMs. Now that European players are busy occupying their space within the market, various Asian manufacturers are evaluating the potential.

You can calculate the economic growth by passing over the pulse of Commercial Vehicle sales. The market size of the truck market (>3.5t) around 0.2 million units in 2007-08 is supposed to grow to 0.3 million units by 2018-19. There has been impressive growth in the last couple of years. The hub and spoke model will also take on an important part of the impressive growth in HCV and SCV segment.

Rigid Haulage is the largest segment, Tipper is the profitable segment and Tractor is growing segment in India because road infrastructure and long distance transportation of commodities will experience positive growth.

The Indian Truck industry has shown positive signs since the last couple of years, except recession 2008-09. The rigid segment had shown around 30% growth in FY 2010-11. The most attractive segment is the 31ton 8X2 Haulage category; even during a recession, it showed a positive growth rate. Small Commercial Vehicle and Heavy Commercial Vehicle market will be the two biggest sections in India, while Medium Commercial Vehicle will be the most attractive segment in India by 2020.

In general, trucks can be divided into Premium, Budget and Low-Cost segments, considering the key role of Customer Buying Behavior. OEMS and spare parts manufacturers need to have state and zone wise information.

To be successful here, one must understand the state wise dynamics since every state is diverse in terms of Customer Behavior, Nature, and Type of Business, Language, Financing, Type of Industry, State Policies, Tax etc. The complexity could be compared to China.

When we speak and correlate the State dynamics with Automobile Industry, it is more precise to implement a definite strategy. For trucks, ACG has published its most detail reports on State wise Truck Market Intelligence. We have analyzed every aspect of the Industry. Grounded along the precise market intelligence will help to companies to make state wise different strategy. It will likewise help to make after sales or product support strategy.

Maharashtra is the biggest market in India in Truck segment. Recent trends had shown that Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh are becoming important markets, which are constantly growing in size.

An interesting observation is that the West and South regions are major contributors of gross sales. It would be really beneficial for newly entering OEMs to concentrate on these areas and the existing ones to improve theirs after sales backup service.

Northern states like Rajasthan, Delhi, Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are the other states that had shown significant growths in 2013.

Understanding customer behavior and its essentials are the keys to becoming successful in the marketplace. Customers are different and buying factors are also different. For example, South Indian customers are different compared to North Indians.

The majority of the Indian customers are operating Commercial vehicles on contract basis (tender bid) with various projects like Mining, road construction, irrigation work, soil& blue metal transportation, RMC on Tipper models and Logistics movement for Haulage and Tractor Head models.

Top Segments State-Wise

Maharashtra is top market in Rigid Haulage, Gujarat is the top market in multi-axle tipper and Madhya Pradesh is top market in Single axle tipper

Daimler is having the dual brand strategy for India. BharatBenz is the budget segment or Mid-segment product and Mercedes are for Premium segment product. Mercedes Brand is supporting to BharatBenz brand in customer perception or Brand image.

Based on the State-wise analysis, ACG has provided its unique TCO calculation which works state dynamics and Application wise for its customers to choose right trucks for the right application which gives best Return on Investment (ROI).

Recently Indian Govt has approved some key infrastructure projects and announced to build new 100 cities. Trucks OEM shall start to make the strategy to full fill demand in the construction industry. Concrete mixer with low turning radius and tipper will be getting benefits.

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