The Younger generation of Indian entrepreneurs walked on the footprint of Prime Minister’s vision of transforming India.

Taking forward the new sustainable development agenda, Vibrant Gujarat Global Summit 2017 witnessed the participation and investment commitment of INR 5000 crore by India’s youngest management team of AEP ENDEQ Limited, a Hong Kong-based organization committed to India’s inclusive and sustainable industrial development under “Make in India” vision.

The youngest CFO of AEP-ENDEQ, Ms. Shashi Sawhney, who signed the MOU with a government of Gujarat confirmed that their organization is fully committed to setting up the entire ecosystem for Electric Vehicles (EVs) which includes an R&D center and manufacturing facility for EVs, charging station and Lithium Ion batteries in Gujarat state. The CEO of AEP ENDEQ Mr. Uday Bhanu Das shared that under the vision of Make in India Gujarat would be the first state producing Lithium Ion battery in India. The AEP ENDEQ team also shared that their organization is committed to contributing to creating a more sustainable society by providing innovative solutions for defined societal issues; by providing energy-efficient solutions, investment in sustainable infrastructure projects, technology, and green energy projects.

AEP-ENDEQ Electric vehicle new venture

We are also thankful to Dr. Sunil Jamkhandi, Senior Advisor of AEP ENDEQ for his valuable inputs and support.

AEP ENDEQ team dedicate their first project in India to Hon’ble Prime Minister of India for being an inspiration to do business in India in inclusive and sustainable manner.

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