Automotive Strategy and Market Intelligence


Automotive Introduction

The world of automotives is one of the most compelling industries across the globe that leaves and impact on the economy of nearly all countries. The global automotive market has been on the receiving end of the most vigorous growth along with challenges in the recent decade which was mainly driven by the North American, BRICs, and Asian markets. The market in Europe has been relatively stable, mature and is predicted to maintain exact levels.

Global Automobile Sales Overview

The rising trends are closely followed by humungous pressure on costs and greater risks for the automotive industry, linked with other sizeable challenges in the following areas-

  • Technology
  • Cost
  • Competition
  • Customer expectations
  • Alternative transportation system
  • After sales

Following are the major affairs that require attention-

  • Higher complexity from the growing amount of variations and newer niche segments
  • The necessity for considerable investment in parallel drive technologies
  • The need for optimizing new model development as well as establishing new production sites in regions of growth
  • The appearance of new players
  • Expectations of customers in purchasing process and their changing mobility requirements

In such situations, organizations are considering important questions regarding participation in compelling growth dynamics with uplifting results. Increasingly, success will be defined by the ability to combine a quick and resilient vehicle development process, the exact customer insights, with highly efficient manufacturing and sourcing in a global context.

All segments have unique set of challenges and factors of growth. We attempt to study every factor and assist the stake holders in being profitable and leave the competitors a step behind.

  • Our Competencies

    We have long standing experience in development and execution of optimization programs, growth strategies, and intense company mergers and turnarounds all through the automotive industry. Our competence covers all segments of the industry and each link in the value chain.

    We collaborate with our clients to handle issues and search for solutions that result in viable gains with a co-operative consulting approach. Empowering the organization of the client is the key characteristic of our service. We hold long-term solutions along with our clients, and developing individuals in high esteem encouraging them to carry on with development while independently addressing related issues.

    We collaborate with OEMs, dealers, suppliers, automobile manufacturers, automotive engineering companies, and various other authorities. We are capable of offering our clients all encompassing solutions for the worldwide automotive industry through our international chain of offices.

    The entire spectrum of topics right from strategic issues to functional optimization along the whole value chain is covered by us, picking on each area that is currently significant to the companies-

    • R&D and product portfolio
    • Production and procurement
    • Strategy and portfolio
    • Business model optimization
    • IT infrastructure optimization
    • Organization redesign
    • Restructuring
    • Sales and after-sales

    Our procedure greatly improves the results for our clients over the length of a time. It also enables them to execute the solutions we develop and put them to best use.

Competitor Intelligence - Global Market

We interpret the meaning of market intelligence for the automotive industry in short and long term effect on each of its verticals. We keep a track on information related to all things of automotive industry.

  • Tactical: it deals with a shorter term by trying to render input into matters such as increasing revenues or capturing market share.
  • Strategic: it centers on longer term issues like the main risks and opportunities facing the enterprise

In spite of this wave, some of the most critical information fails to be documented online. Competitor intelligence for instance, is considered as the toughest kind of information to occupy online by many information users.

Market intelligence refers to the technical knowledge that is collected to function as a supplement in making informed business decisions. It is very closely linked to market research, the systematic recording, gathering, analysis and interpretation of knowledge regarding a company’s competitors, customers, and its market.

  • Approach

    Using all areas of intelligence we frame our analysis based on the increase in sales and market share.

  • Operations

    • Production
    • Sales, Market Share & Growth
    • Market movement/Shift
    • Import
    • Export
    • Forecast
    • Segment & Model wise analysis
    • Technology
    • Costing
    • Pricing
    • Discount
    • Advertising & other promotions
    • Product position
    • Product life cycle
    • Product planning and process
    • Purchase behavior
    • Network analysis
    • New Market Entry
    • Component life and market size
    • After sales- Spare Parts, Service etc
  • Clientele

    • Financers
    • Dealers
    • OEMs global market
    • Suppliers
    • Others
  • Latest Accomplishments

    Several international companies require consultation services for enhancing performance, competitor analysis, and business planning.

    • We performed competitor analysis as well as computed a complete pricing strategy for one of the biggest OEMs.

    • A tie-up with one of the largest OEM dealers was made with us for a calendar year regarding analyses in all competencies.


    • One of the European OEMs have gained market share with our assistance. A collection of state wise market intelligence material and its implication is used to formulate a strategy. We observe everything with a macro view, including complete analysis of the customer behavior, after sales habits of customers, maintenance costs, among others.

    • We designed both short and long term business entry strategy for one of the leading automotive players in the world for opening market in India.

Pricing Strategy

Pricing is an elaborate job. It tends to differ depending on the country and the product. In the present day dynamics of business world, with flourishing globalization and Asia manufacturing budget sensitive products, competitive advantage is paramount. Constant innovations in products lead to changes in competitive advantage making competitive hustling an ever going battle. The obvious question for companies in these cases is how to make more profit. The answer, however, is not that simple. Quantifying the value people put in the goods and services they offer for any business-to-business market is a challenging ordeal. If they try to pitch too high a price compared to the perceived worth, rivals will most certainly take advantage of it. Likewise, if they set a price too low, the company doesn’t make much profit giving an upper hand to the customer. Although, this may trigger demand growth and eventually raise market share of the company. This gives the company negotiation power and revaluate price quotations.

The procedure of cost cutting, while makes sense instinctively, is a double-edged sword as clever competitor may overstep you working from a new geographical location with a lower cost base. Companies rarely maintain the cost advantage over a long period of time. Similarly, initiatives for rise in sales by any methods like increasing value added services or turning the promotions up a notch, takes a significant amount of time. Indeed, price hikes have been noted as the easiest ways to increase profit.

Thus, the important question that needs addressing is- Will the sales volume decline in cases of price hikes, and if it does, will it be proportionate with the inflation of prices. Never has a company existed which would let go of the money on the table and hence, achieving an optimum profit has been on the top priority for the marketers. Nonetheless, determining the amount of money a customer is willing to put forth for a service or a product is a tough nut to crack for any researcher as the customer may not be in a position to answer accurately, and if they do manage somehow and if that price were to be deployed in the market it may not be representative of their actual purchase behavior. Researchers have to consider the following aspects

  • How to make the price reductions proportionate with economizing the product or service requirements
  • Pricing strategies for spare parts
  • The ratio of brand perception and price and its impact
  • Function of maintenance costs of an automobile
  • The proportion of willingness to pay for a value-added service with that of the current price

  • How ACG is helping the clients?

    A price hike may invariable lead to reduced consumption by the customers; they may switch to a replacement product or cease purchase of your product entirely. On the other hand, your company could be deprived of the benefits of increase in price as it all depends on what the customer will pay for based on their value perception. While analyzing pricing strategies, cost, customer value information, and the market competition are eminent to customer value estimate and sustainability of the give price. Despite considering all of these aspects, it still doesn’t help measure an exact value of customer perceptions of the product and brand of the company. Consequently, pricing research acts more as a tool to certify assumptions, much less as a scientific branch of understanding dynamics of the market.

    Company strategies also need to be severely scrutinized, what are goals with respect to deadlines need to considered. We study each aspect with detailed precision before drawing inferences.

  • Our Approach for Pricing Strategy Primary Research – Customer Survey

    Primary research focuses on the predictions made by the customers on their potential reactions to changes in price. Questioning a customer about their willingness to pay extra for an updated service or product is one thing, but watching them go through with it is quite another. Since it is all based on assumptions and hypotheses, research conclusions call for discretion. In order to overcome nuances in the data collection of this kind, research techniques have been designed to weed out ambiguity and produce recommendations that are solid and relevant.

  • Desk Research The Crucial Step in Pricing Research

    Frames for pricing parameters are prepared. The presence or absence of past records of sales figures which price changes is the biggest concern for commissioning any section of the pricing research. If properly analyzed, historical records will provide useful clues, more so in cases of minimal volume effect due to similar changes in prices by the competitors. Therefore, it becomes obligatory to be aware of the pricing strategies of the competitors as well when look at the historical data for appropriate analysis.

    While part records help, they have a limitation. It is that they are set in the past. Companies are more interested in speculating future dynamics and the correlation between the volume established and the price. Those dynamics may not be in line with newer forces in the market. Nevertheless, a statistical representation of prices for different volumes paid for by the customers is a stepping stone in predictions of how the demand curve could behave.


Automotive suppliers must count on the accomplishment and prosperity of the OEM clients to secure their own longevity in the business. They have to stay up-to-date with OEM’s products and strategies while optimizing their own capacity, observing their competition, and marketing their own technology. The appearance of new competitors in low-budget countries and the changes that are currently happening in the automotive-supplier industry have raised uncertainties in the business and made decision making an extremely complex process which otherwise used to be very forthright.

Right from contemporary lighting technologies to advanced powertrain solutions, suppliers try to remain in the forefront in order to achieve remarkable solutions for their OEM customers. Suppliers are the focal point of ongoing efforts to increase productivity as they occupy 70 percent of the cost of the industry.

Our genuine industry intelligence, starting from competitive market share and technology roadmaps to devices that can manage your operational and financial estimates could prepare your company to make proper decisions in planning, in risk aversion, in business share rise, running your product development, and in fluid and skilled manufacturing.

Our company is sought after by suppliers for the tools and insights we provide for informed business decisions. We cover more than 130 automakers based in over 50 countries. Our production and powertrain forecast for light, medium, and heavy duty vehicles and our global sales make for only a beginning of the arsenal we dispatch.

Supplier companies are provided guidance in each link of the value chain by us. We cover business plan development, growth strategies, sales and aftermarket processes, R&D subjects like supply-chain optimization and material-cost optimization among others in our projects. We assist clients in reducing capital intensity, standardize their specifications by optimization, and elevate their process of R&D investment and innovations. Besides, we provide additional insights in localizing and globalizing products, corporate-finance issues, and management of human resources.

For the North American and European component suppliers, the circumstances have improved exponentially. This speedy recovery is owed to the thriving automotive markets in India, China, and Brazil. However, certain challenges still plague the suppliers.

Through the expertise of veteran consultants across the globe, we are ready to clear any doubts presented by the supplier. Furthermore, our work extends to regional industry groups to gain profound know-how on the relevant issues. We commission knowledge development to tackle main concerns of the industry. For instance, our team designed a toolbox containing nine elements that are instrumental in the success of the supplier.

  • Latest Accomplishments

    • Provided expertise to various suppliers in developing strategy and introductions to new markets

    • Assisted a German supplier in entering an Indian truck market with a estimate on pricing and competition

    • Carried out competitor analysis of Asia, Africa, North America, Latin America, Europe, Middle East, NAFTA regions

  • Our expertise in

    1. Analysis of impact of business on important daily events in the industry
    2. Weighing the strengths, weaknesses, and market positioning of the rivals
    3. Partner for market growth purposes
    4. Design and regulate new technology and products strategy
    5. Providing business forecast for margins and revenue for products, customers, and business units with substitute schemes
    6. Component Forecasts & Analysis
    7. Analysis of separate business case for opportunities of Request-for- Quote customers
    8. Market share assessments for clients and competitors
    9. Regulating and utilizing optimum practice design, industry product standards, and manufacturing and development methods.
    10. Managing Complex Product Structures
    11. Technological Analysis
    12. Identification, targeting, and prioritizing future Tier One Supplier and OEM sales opportunities
    13. Identifying competitive and disruptive product technologies
    14. Mediating through steel and other commodity prices, and curtail supply chain costs
    15. Tracking and predicting effects of ongoing bill-of-material cost improvements on customer margins and products
    16. Finding accurate and updated knowledge and analysis on supply- demand and pricings of plastics and major chemicals.
    17. Merchandizing direct material inventory and regulate short-term production scheduling

Marketing Competencies Challenges

Today, like never before, market strategy is the key to achieve nearly all company objectives. Senior Management from every automotive vertical is fixated on getting more from marketing as well as measuring the ROI. This requires more deeply thought out strategies, greater decisiveness in allocation of the resources, and cleared focus on execution potentials. Several challenges that faced by the automotive industry are-

  • What are the operational tools for powerful marketing?
  • How can we align the strategies, needs, and the objectives of the whole business with our marketing goals in a better way?
  • How to allot marketing budget? Our analysis model and budget matrix
  • How to integrate technological trends to like web 2.0 principles, viral or word-of-mouth memes, and the new media in general into marketing strategies?
  • How do marketing activities contribute to sales growth?
  • What are in-house credentials needed for best marketing execution?
  • How can we enrich the effectiveness and functioning of our marketing activities?
  • What advertisement strategy is the most effective for the automotive industry?
  • How to comprehend ROMI (return on marketing investment) and accordingly adjust expenditure?
  • Is it more profitable to indulge more in ‘return on commercial investment’, a wider frame for expenditure on revenue driven activities, and surpassing ROMI?
  • How can we measure the success of promotions?
  • Competitive Advantage

    Our Sales and Channels collaborate with the clients to develop competitive advantage by optimizing the sales forces and sales channels. We accomplish this by designing customized strategies and precise implementation tactics. We enforce our wide experience over different industries to each client’s unique needs what lead to effectiveness and improved efficiency.

    The topics covered within sales and channels are-

    • Understanding segment potential and behavior
    • Marketing credentials
    • Marketing execution, along with ROMI/marketing effectiveness
    • Marketing strategy and objectives
    • Product /brand portfolio strategy and business model
  • Sales & Channels Competencies Challenges

    Sales professionals essentially represent the entire company. They ensure that support is provided to the customers and concentrating on fulfilling targets in the most productive ways. These operations are becoming increasingly difficult as channels, markets, and customers are expanding at a quick rate. Multiple questions arise for senior executives as they reassess their selling strategies

    • What are the ways of enhancing performance with the most complex, strategic and global customers?
    • What are the goals of sales forces and channels? Does it include market share, profit margins, or revenues, or boost the uptake of new products, acquire new customers, preserve existing customer group, and expand cross-selling?
    • How can we defeat the competitors?
    • How to harmonize cost, sales, market share and profit?
    • How can we keep improvement of sales productivity steady?
    • How can we align shifts in the market, competitors, customers with the optimization of sales and distribution given those objectives?
    • What are the areas with potential to reduce selling costs?

  • Competencies

    Our Sales and Channels collaborate with the clients to develop competitive advantage by optimizing the sales forces and sales channels. We accomplish this by designing customized strategies and precise implementation tactics. We enforce our wide experience over different industries to each client’s unique needs what lead to effectiveness and improved efficiency.

    The topics covered within sales and channels are-

    • Sales and channels credentials (people, processes, and structure)
    • Sales force effectiveness
    • Key account management

    Clients across all countries and automotive industries receive top notch support through our services. Our marketing and sales practices utilize a network of marketing experts who propagates our experience, approaches, and frameworks.

  • Brand Strategy Competencies Approach to Branding

    A brand refers to an original idea of a service or a product with immediate recognition, a clear promise, high consumer value that is imprinted on the mind of the consumer, and consistent associations. Brands are not built in a day, nor can they stand on advertising alone, a severe transformation of the brand needs to happen.

    Brand transformation lays foundation to growth and turnaround strategies, and attracts profits, shareholder returns, and loyalty from customers. The strategic investment decisions needed to strengthen and shape the brand however, must be managed with discipline and accuracy. They need to be based on data-driven insights, debated upon by the senior management, and immersed into the whole organization.

    Contact us to know more about our work in brand transformation.

  • Consumer and Customer Insight Center Challenges

    Broader insight into consumers is essential for the success of strategy formulation and execution. A deep understanding of customer priorities and motivations is instrumental in availing enormous advantages like outsourcing strategies, developing growth opportunities, and newer offers for analyzing acquisition targets. In short, consumer insight is the key to decode the compelling questions of the day such as-

    • What is the perception of our customers and that of our potential customers about us?
    • What are the potential areas of growth? Do we have a scope for lucratively expanding our brand(s) into new segments, products, and categories?
    • How can we identify the most economically feasible, defensible, and sizable segments? How to identify and serve customer needs at an optimum level?
    • What purchase and decision habits to the customers possess? What are the main triggers and levers to procure and retain customers and which ones are the greatest profit pools?
  • Competencies

    We practice an integrated, customized approach by using the Center for Consumer and Customer Insight that provides clients with greater understanding of the customer. We attempt to translate the insight into litigable strategies that leave an economic impact. Our specifically designed consumer research is based on profound business knowledge and closely linked to strategic decision making process.

  • Go-to-Market Strategy Competencies Challenges

    In the times that companies must ‘go to market’, they have to gather all the commercial functions like marketing, pricing, consumer insight, brand management, and sales to stress the main purpose. It comes with its own set of challenges, however, and the companies have to deal with compelling issues like-

    • How can we create the finest capabilities (people, infrastructure, and processes) that are essential for supporting a potent go-to-market strategy?
    • How can we fit our go-to-market strategy in line with our present needs for customers, channels, and business models in the best ways possible?
    • How can the updates in the go-to-market approach while maintaining the core business help realize our efforts in cost-reductions?
    • What steps need to be undertaken for improvement of integration and alignment for different commercial functions?
  • Competencies

    Our Go-to-Market Strategy experts employ an integrated cohesive approach to assist clients in enhancing their commercial activities and gain competitive advantage. Our work with the companies consists of analyzing the efficiency of the existing sales and marketing capabilities and identifying the fields that need improvement.

    We cover each aspect of commercial agenda within Go-to-Market Strategy thoroughly

    • Go-to-market credentials- process and organizational enablers
    • Commercial execution (across marketing, customer insight, sales, and pricing)
    • Commercial strategy, goals, and objectives

    We equip the organization with elaborate process tools and techniques for change management which positions them for sustained improvement.

    Clients across all countries and automotive industries receive top notch support through our services.

  • Advertising & Branding Strategy

    Automotive Industry, like any competitive industry, can only hope to flourish with increased sales. Automotive players are presented with several platforms where they can promote their products. Based on case studies, surveys, and research analyses we have developed a few procedures. Commercials and advertisements through different media is an essential for any product promotion. It provides companies with a huge opportunity to reach the target consumers with feature and benefits of their product.

    To reap maximum benefits for minimum expenditure on promotion is the goal of most industries. It is possible bring in great revenue if they avoid incorrect implementation of promotions. Automotive segments in advertising can be considered a separate industry in itself as it has its own buying behavior among customers and special characteristics. If the advertisement delivers the message that it is supposed to deliver, it generally works. You can lure a potential buyer to enter your showroom for just a look.

    Successful brands maintain their status by using an impactful brand strategy. It provides a background for what the brand stands for and how it functions.

  • Services

    • Rebranding
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Assessment
    • Brand Architecture
    • Brand Messaging
    • Portfolio Nomenclature

    Making decisions regarding the brand’s future can oftentimes be politically motivated and endearing for the internal team to go through within company bounds. Perception becomes clouded and subjective about the company one is involved in, this tends to interfere in the decision making process.

    In times such as these, our company provides objective guidance. We strategize with collaboration. We map the future of your brand by balancing innovation with business planning. Not just that, we develop stools for brand strategy to pave a pathway for its success. It is crucial to maintain a specific approach to understand the effectiveness of an ad campaign or promotion

    Of late, our company has articles published related to advertising and celebrity. It attempts to illustrate how celebrities have an impact on sales of automobiles.

  • Advertising media

    • Digital
    • Online
    • Fair
    • Offline

Customer Behavior: Complicated, But Simple

It is an imperative parameter to understand the behavior of customers in the automotive industry. The customer behavior is dynamic and is subjected to change. Companies need to continually adapt to these changes. If the change is neglected or goes unnoticed, it most certainly leads to loss of customers and the business.

Our company conducts surveys on market dynamics, technology, economy and numerous other aspects to stay in tune with the customers.

To keep a track on such changes, our company has designed apparatus that measures the changes in purchase behaviors based on established criteria such as advertising, brand perception, price, after sales, quality, safety, among others. If there is an emergence of a new campaign, new segment, new product, up gradation, festivals, discounts, first time purchasers, drivers for commercial vehicles, we have the technological know-how to record such behavior.

Automotive vehicles or segments such as trucks, passenger cars, buses, vans, SUVs, tractors, bikes among others are developing a completely different approach. For the Indian automotive industry we have likewise introduced different solutions

  • Customer Service

    Mind of the customer: The image and perception of consumers can lead to an exponential growth

    Approach to play: Selecting ways to confront market and provide value for customers.

    Service suitability: With your chosen path to play and the system of capabilities, which aspects in your portfolio will work, and which won’t.

    Capabilities System: The source for your choice of play and what renders you to perform on it. The system consists of 3 to 6 different capabilities that make up for strengths that are decisive of the company being unique from its rivals. Every capability is preserved through the effective blend of knowledge, processes, skills, tools, and the organization as a whole rooting for the desired outcome.

Dealer Business Consulting One Integrated Platform For Dealers

One of the most important connections between customers and OEMs is the retail chain. The relationship between the two directly affects sales. It is unique for every vertical in the automotive industry. We assist them in holding the best business practice. Dealership management is very often a frustrating experience with multiple distractions which makes the future uncertain. We provide a consulting service with a competence and expertise that is compatible to the client’s needs.

We offer a structured process; the Dealer Health Check is constructed to render a professional insight into the potential and current performance of the dealerships. Leading consultants in the industry compile reports and underline precise issues in performance and areas of opportunities are highlighted.

We also offer to prepare business cases prior to taking any dealership. Dealers often experience enormous losses owing to the lack of appropriate business case. We provide in depth information and crack ambiguous data to help prospective dealers in making the right decision.

Our company also backs the production and execution of the following operations necessary to rectify the issues in performance and use those opportunities to their benefit.

  • Business Process
  • Competition analysis
  • Sales Training
  • Branding & Advertising- Best effective way
  • Promotion activities
  • IT support
  • Audit
  • Local/Territory market intelligence
  • Customer Satisfaction& CRM
  • After Sales
  • Maintenance cost
  • Discount
  • Local Market dynamics
  • Local Strategy
  • Spare parts
  • Re sale value
  • Benchmarking
  • For New Dealers

    • Business case
    • Go Not Go decision
    • Break Even
    • Profitability
  • For OEMs

    OWe provide OEMs with a 360 degree solution ranging from dealer scouting to dealer performance. We attempt to offer best solutions at each given step. For fresh players we present pan-India based projects. For the experienced players we search for new dealers by reviewing dealer performance and seek improvement. OEMs can also consider our services in establishing service networks, support strategies, spare-parts warehouses, among others.

  • Latest Accomplishment

    • We consistently provide entirely customized solutions in our consultation on project basis.
    • One of the largest OEM dealers who were declared Dealer of the Year in 2013 in its segment had a tie-up with us. As Strategic Consultants, we collaborated with them in all operations like market share, customer behavior and satisfaction, industry analysis, and sales intelligence. We guided them through strategy formulation and execution along with other local level dynamics

Business Process Reengineering

Any lucrative business has at its core a process developed thoughtfully and honed constantly. Providing the customer with quality and consistency for the contact points with their dealership plays a huge role in satisfying them. Our company helps the clients with developing the processes which will fulfill all their needs based on the nature of their business. Our group holds certain generic sales and aftersales operations that have been verified repeatedly and with a few modifications here and there can be applicable to most dealerships. Though, designing these processes was only the beginning, the real test likes in being able to implement them effortlessly and consistently.

Our group’s guidelines for process implementations make sure each member of the staff plays a part in the implementation by supplementing the process with their own ideas and opinions to improve and enrich the process. Process training is not a done deal in one go. Employees are set up in teams for reviewing the process steps regularly, highlight the loopholes which need correction and make suggestions for improvement.

An external coach can be hired to identify the drawbacks and dysfunctional patterns in the process. Our group provides the dealer with coaching support to help them implement the new process or if they wish to enhance their output with the existing process. The coach would guide with the re-engineering of the processes to better the performance or conduct in-house training on certain aspects of service delivery. Our group process implementation guidelines can be well elaborated by the coach, grasping potential drawbacks, s/he can the implementation of the process smoother while managing time constraints and increase competency.

The vital part of process efficacy is making sure your process is compliant with your set of standards. The expert consultants of our group can easily get this done with the help of a structured audit process. Process breakdowns and the necessary corrective actions will clearly be highlighted in the feedback.

Tracking the on-goings of this process is a necessary step in maintaining the efficiency of the process as it evolves. The process management system generated by our group facilitates the sales and service teams with tracking, monitoring, and benchmarking their performance

Intercultural Management- Role in Automotive Industry

One cannot ignore the importance of Intercultural Management in the automotive industry. Intercultural dimensions have a deep rooted impact of the business deals in the industry. We have an analysis record of over fifty business cases in over fifty countries. We extend a helping hand to all stake holders. We believe this area of research and consulting cannot be learnt without actual cases. Oftentimes, companies much later realize their loss in business is tantamount to intercultural misunderstanding.

The economic globalization, with rising overseas alliances, global relocations, and venture has led to enormous changes in the world of international customer relations and management of intercultural diversity. Consequently, increased acknowledgement by companies that studying and handling cultural differences accurately has become instrumental in carrying out business across the borders efficiently.

  • Services

    • Investment related decisions in company premises or overseas location
    • Negotiation exercise
    • Development of international markets
    • Global strategy planning
    • Dealing with international customers
    • Merging or integrative Merging or integrating with international companies
    • Developing international leadership
    • Developing diverse, multi-cultural teams
    • Managing international mobility and expatriation issues
    • Realizing major cultural change
    • Identifying transnational management patterns
    • Providing a model for international integration
    • Conducting major international correspondence
    • Managing cross-cultural conflicts
    • Enforcing major Technology / Management Transfer projects
    • Developing international strategy for e-commerce projects
    • Implementing international customer relations
    • Putting new technology companies on a global map

    Personnel from middle and senior managements are also given corporate training by our company which includes

    • Exercise
    • Role play
    • Real Case study

Setting up New Businesses in India, Europe, Asia, and Africa

Establishing a new business is not free of its complications. Our extensive research in the field shows that introducing a new automotive company in India creates a plethora of issues. On one hand there are issues related to administrations, legislation and regulation, and on the other hand there are functional issues as well.

The solutions that we provide are all encompassing. The new entrance player is ensured all the relevant, in depth information and detailed analysis. We construct a smooth pathway to success with a macro perspective for our clients.

In the present competitive scenario, all companies are seeking a new market for the potential for growth. It is also crucial to know how to enter, when to enter, the product position and the target segment before entering a new market. Our teams have assessed local sentiments, intercultural dimensions, and their impact on businesses through conducting multiple case studies.

Countries across the world are in an attempt to gain maximum revenue from BRICs or European markets with limited size or the developed countries because of saturation. For every business, including the BRICs, there is a scope to enter certain markets. Our was the first company to provide consultation to Indian OEMs in entering South East Asian and African markets which would help them with sales growth.

It is important to note that a single success strategy with a particular procedure and ingredients may not be applicable in every country. We customize our solutions according to the country and provide information that is accurate and relevant.

Every business case is different from the other, and it carries separate facts and misconceptions about the market. Unless the companies adopt a customized business model to adapt with market practices, they will continue to face challenges in the market.

One tiny misstep can reverse the company growth by 10 years or it can even drive them out of the market due to heavy financial losses. Resurfacing into the market can be a daunting task following such catastrophe. Ground work is a must have for entering a new market. Numerous companies have failed despite having potential due to lack of enough ground work.

We have an expert team to explore markets of all the countries by continent. We help clients enter the new market by applying our expertise on market intelligence, product position, customer behavior, competitor analysis, acceptance parameter, and macro level research.

  • Services
    • OEMs: With the world becoming a global village, comes the wave of global companies. Growing your business by exploring new business opportunities is a way to be more profitable. Therefore, expanding business to multiple countries is a must. OEMs benefit from having an access to different continents and markets. They can make up for the losses in one market with that of the profit in another.
    • Suppliers/ Components: Most of the components and aggregates are common on a global level today. Component manufacturers are thus given an immense ooportunity for growth in foreign countries. Multitudes of Indian companies are grappling for business abroad and vice versa.
    • Direct import of vehicles to India: Importing vehicles calls for effective strategies for finding success. Import options depend on the company vision, price, product type, target segment, size of the market, and product quality among other factors.
    • Export from India: Export may give segue to any segment or market at times. It is sometimes instrumental in product and market study. However, export itself needs proper research for specific products and segments.
  • Service package
    • New Market Opportunity
    • Market Study
    • Business plan/case
    • Blue print
    • Implementation
    • Market study
  • Business Consulting
    • Market Report
    • Competitor Landscape
    • Market Forecast
    • Product Planning & Strategy
    • Pricing Strategy
    • Customer Behavior
    • Brand Perception
    • Segment Analysis
    • Intercultural Dimensions
    • After sales set up like Dealer network/ Service center
    • Economic Indicators
    • Negotiation Style

Turnaround Competencies


Companies have to confront a peculiar set of challenges when under financial distress. While planning for success in the long term, they have to secure short term survival. A strong reorganization plan that meets the needs of all stakeholders is crucial in case of inescapable bankruptcy. To sustain themselves in such calamities, the companies must ponder over a few compelling questions like

  • In what ways can the cash to fund our operations be released and generated?
  • In what manner can we concentrate on the most feasible parts of the business while moving forward?
  • What are the quickest methods to stop the bleeding?

Our Competencies

With a view to ensure comprehensive recovery, our turnaround approach relies on the most vital strategic, financial, operational, and organizational levers. We are prepared to upgrade the current turnaround plan or create a new one customized to the cases specific to the client. By incorporating our insightful industry experience with the tested tools of crisis management, we leave an impression that lasts. Following are the token client service areas of our company

  • Turnaround management: We correspond with different parties that are involved with restructuring to meet decisive milestones and results. We arrange for quick execution through progress tracking.
  • Turnaround planning: We present key inputs essential for the turnaround plan, along with an extensive analysis of the industry and implications of the portfolio.
  • Stress Diagnosis: Our proprietary diagnostic tools ensure identification of the cause for financial stress, highlight the scope for improvement, and evaluate the importance of imperative changes.
  • Operational Cost-Out Programs: We are equipped to construct and implement a plan for rapid reduction in costs all through the operations.

Our company is dedicated to ballast our clients’ businesses and ensure future success foe them by employing battle-hardened operations experts, partnerships with experienced crisis managers, and proprietary tools and techniques.


The government must set goals that have realistic and achievable objectives as it sets new regulatory and legislative policy. With an extensive knowledge on safety, environmental technologies, energy, automotive, with our unbiased and independent perspective, we can assist you with responsible policy crafting and legislation. While analyzing new potential technology investments for the region, we can estimate the additional regulation costs on manufacturers.

  • Developing strategies for propulsion realities and alternative long-term vehicle market
  • Devise responsible emissions and safety regulations for the wellbeing of the people and the automotive industry

Financial Analysis- Analytic Solutions and Finance Reporting

Financial analysis is the process businesses, budgets, projects, and other finance related matters are evaluated to induce their propriety for investments. Generally, the process is applied to analyze whether a given entity is solvent, liquid, stable, or profitable enough to consider investment. The cash flow statement, balance sheets, income statements are much focused upon by the financial analyst while looking at a particular company. Furthermore, one crucial area of financial analysis consists of deducing the performance history of the company to determine the future performance of that company.

Calculating ratios from the financial data to measure it across those of the fellow companies or against that very company’s past performance is one of the most generic ways of analyzing financial data. For instance, a general ratio used to contemplate how proficient a company is at utilizing its assets as a factor for profitability, is the return on assets. The same ratio can be calculated for multiple companies or similar nature and measured as a part of a greater analysis.

Come each quarter, we release the financial output of every company accompanied with reasons and situations of the market.

Kindly get in touch with our Financial Analysis team to know further details.

IT Consulting

ACG acts as the communication chain between the customers and industry of automotive culture. To be said in technical wise ACG provides technology method of solution to the modern culture of automotive industry.The aspect to involve technology with the industry of automotive is that ACG IT Consulting comes up with the best ideology of business methods that proves beneficial to the automotive industry. Living in the period of digital age a single individual looks for a hard data of confinement to make sure he is going for the right loop of purchase but to do so he seeks information through air or pocket of other neighbour and that’s when ACG comes to play its role. ACG acts as the bridge of knowledge between the people of digital era and the manufacture of automotive industry.

ACG plays its role by showing the dealers the requirement that a consumer is seeking in his desired product so that he could adapt to the new change of technology and implement to its industry so that he could improve his sales and services, as well it shows the consumer the right option of availability to his need through the process of communication media. To put it in simple manner ACG connects the technology to establish a connection between the digital eras to the industry of automotive culture.

ACG research and development (R&D) unit helps the automotive industry to come up with new technology of application in the areas of product engineering (PE), mechanical and electrical services, and embedded software methodologies and product life cycle engineering services. ACG also helps in the growth of automotive industry in terms of business and sales through acting functions among the areas of supply chain and manufacturing, marketing, sales and distribution, e-contracting and automotive retail integration. Apart from all the above good sales comes with good relations so ACG establishes warranty management communication to improve the sales in industry.

Where the automobile industry is always busy with its new inventions and methodologies to comfort there customer’s or attract them at different levels at the same time ACG provides the automotive industry by taking care of the business areas that include human resources, back-office operations and product operations that are considered to be essential at the level of global service organisation.

Automotive Captive Finance:

The main aim of automotive captive finance is to increase the number of sales retails and increase the consumptions as well as the productivity in the market. Captive financing allows the consumer in buying the product without hesitation. The size of financing depends upon the company which offers the product in the market. Automotive captive finance led in increase to sales and production units increasing the business and culture of automotive vast in rural as well as urban areas. Unlike any private banks the company which adapts the system of automotive captive financing provides the customers with best suited finance systems that one can carry on their shoulders.

How Autobei Consulting group delivers business value:

Autobei Consulting group plays as the joining segment to each individual part in automotive industry. We come up with best business solutions that improve the target sales and develop the business at global standards. It challenges the real world by upcoming industrial problems and coming up with digital inventions that are best suited in the modern world in the industry of automotive.

Automotive OEM’s:

Being at the digital age new inventions are taken place at regular time periods so the original equipment manufacturers face both challenges and opportunities to make their products make business at earnest. The OEM’s mine for regular new inventions to adapt them to their products to meet the demand or requirement of digital costumer’s giving them hope to develop and make increase business at global index with supply chain and penetrating marketing standards.

How Autobei Consulting group delivers business value:

Autobei Consulting group provides OEM’s with required data for development in industry and business standards. It ensures the industry with leading edge technology bringing up solutions that meet with the targeted business realities with rooting customers accepting the challenges made by the digital world.

Automotive suppliers:

Automotive suppliers face a hard time in product innovation that competes with the digital world with monitoring cost maintenance for the growth and development in industry. While new innovations bring up enthusiasm and excitement in the industry it also comes up with a budget index where suppliers face the challenge in coming up with solutions that are best suited to every individual.

How Autobei Consulting group delivers business value:

Autobei Consulting group comes up with best solutions that can make grow the industry in its business. It connects technology to the industry to provide necessary data needed to increase the business at global standards and increase the sales in market. It provides business solutions to each segment in automotive industry.

Warranty Management:

Autobei Consulting group warranty management comes up with solutions that help the automotive company in reducing their product annual costs leaving leverage to the owner to own a product at an affordable budget. Autobei Consulting group strategizes solutions to increase sales and business in global markets.

Business Essentials:

Warranty costs gradually increase their price with the developing industry and new innovations which leads to the competitive factors in the industry. The warranty management department must also be capable in claim processing and maintaining the premiums schedule to avoid any practical losses to the industry itself.

Warranty Transaction Processing:

Taking into the consideration of SAP modules the warranty management system provides solution to the industry that is best matched to automotive industry. It provides the industry with the comprehensive data that is required to support the user profile in making advanced data sheet reports which helps in continues monitoring of cost analysis.

Automotive Analysis And Early Warning Systems:

The automotive analysis system uses the stage of Holistic Information Management System (HIMI) that helps in building analysis for mined as well as un-mined data which includes CRM data and other text fields for best innovations to take place which helps in growth of the industry.

The technology provides with data sheets of information that helps in warranty management solutions which satisfy the SAP modules so that the increase in development of industry takes place at massive rates with costs in check. The HIMI network is the best example that technology can provide in early warning systems which helps in solving the problems even before they arise.


• Reduces inventory costs

• Reduces the price of ownership

• Reduces the total annual costs

• Reduces the cost of claiming
• Comes up with best implementation methods to business solutions facing the competitive digital world

HR Consulting

With increase in competition of technology there is always a challenge in finding skilled people. A company can attain its name not buy employing a mass number of people but buy employing skilful persons. Recruiters always face a challenge when it comes to an issue of employing or finding people who are skilful.

There are more than a 1000 companies and 75 areas of expertise in industry and finding people who have skill among 4 to 5 different areas is a challenge. There was never any debt of skilful persons in industry but the challenge lies in finding the right person for the right job with talent running around the recruiters.

Once a right person is employed to the job then the Human Resource Department faces the challenge of retention issue. It’s because companies will be in constant hunt for skilled persons and when they have information on a particular individual then they try to offer him anything in their possession to bring him/her into their environment and the recruiters will be under moderate observation to let them not go.

When the company partners up with its clients it takes much more careful assessment in employing the individuals to the project. Employing individuals who have the knowledge of interacting with the clients and meeting up with their requirements is the basic profitable measure that one employee can offer.

Our major expertise is covering 4 major Sectors related with Automotive Industry Constitutes of OEM’s to Vendors, Logistics Industry, Oil & Gas Industry and Infrastructure Contactors makes us more reliable. We also have extensive expertise for IT Consulting. We provide 360 degree solutions to industry as we have our wings spread all across Asia Pacific, Europe and Middle East by establishing process hubs for customer enquiry and help.

“We have the capability to be your Global Research, Information Technology and HR Consulting Partner”

Employing talented people only a single phase of work but the real challenge lies when they are teamed up because in a team, members come up with different backgrounds of work and expertise. We think everyone is unique and has different approach which would help to achieve the objectives of the organisation but when they start co-ordinate working then people from Human Resources, Production, Operations, Marketing, Finance, After Sales Support, Research and Development, Information Technology, Mass Communication, Marketing Communication, Brand Management, Logistic and consulting with years of constant experience makes the team flexible in handling projects at a professional level.

• Employing client project knowledgeable individual.

• Assessing candidate through test patterns.

• Processing through interview patterns.

• Having reference checks for guarantee issues.

• Enquiring for relevant experience provided.

Volume hiring mechanism is carried for bulk recruitment where number of employees recruited will be at mass rates. Basically volume hiring is done during onsite recruitment or through recruitment campaigns, based on the projects availability the number of people recruited will depend.


• Reduce delivery time

• Reduce work load

• Placing work oriented individuals at disposal

• Reduce cost effectiveness

• Improve productivity through runnable tests

• Better understanding client requirement

• Reduce total run around time

• Make constant reports at regular times.

RPO is a contract or mutual development understanding between companies that are in need of candidates to the consultant or recruitment providing strategies. They mainly target on candidate resume sourcing, database management, candidate screening and recruitment administration.

The RPO system targets on optimising talent and refining the candidate resumes to right constraints to employee the right person for the right job. It requires large scale of data management that consists of employee profile and areas of expertise. They mainly contain on-site and off-site data for clients reviewing at global market.


• Bringing out best recruitment process.

• Having quality recruitment

• Reducing budget in hiring eventually reducing cost analysis

• Faster turnaround time

• Planning good strategies.

Fleet Management

The ACG FM has optimised its fleet management system to mobile level which helps everyone to access the software at finger tips. The GPS system in ACG FM software helps in better navigation of maps, routes and jobs at an extensive level. This kind of tracking system is portable to carry and is also cost-effective in monitoring the staff, vans, trucks, construction equipment at individual’s finger tips.


• Help stay in communication with the staff using two way messaging mechanism.

• Tracking in cargo process or travel record with navigation notification through sms or email messaging.

• Ensure time of delivery with customer area record tracking.

• Monitor for any harsh driving behaviour or loss to any of the stock in travel or dismissal methods.

• Maintain record management of services provided.

Using ACG FM software system any type of fleet management can be monitored and at the same time new assignments can be given to the drivers while they are on a move.

The delivery mechanism is made simple by ACG FM ensuring the conformation through invoice.

The system of GPS FLEET MANAGEMENT works on every detail ensuring inventory tracking, order tracking, fleet schedule and maintenance and work order management with collective data in software data warehouse.

Today ACG FM has offered its fleet management system technology to more than 100,000 units to provide custom solution at global standards. The fleet management system motive is to provide a vision to customers about the upcoming technology factors connecting them to the real time application methods to make them enable to see the difference in production margin and profitability.

ACG has its service all over the globe providing customer solution services and monitoring these services they have discovered in 25% growth of work and profitability per a single days work which eventually is going to rule when runs on a whole year basis.

The ACG FM service management helps in monitoring the services schedule for the management and tables for the best scheduling services for vehicles. The ACG FM provides notification when the schedule service time is at lapse or near which helps the individual to schedule service tasks at their own comfort. The operating base works on automate notification system which doesn’t require a third party to monitor the schedule periods.

The service operating system helps in maintaining the cost and provides a cost analysis and service schedules that are only needed to the vehicle which avoids un-necessary services which eventually reduces number of services and service cost.


• Reduce un-necessary services.

• Maintain records for better monitoring.

• Reduce the work of management which allows management to extend their interests to other areas.

• Provide automated notification system for individuals.

• Making sure all the operation are intact at regular periods.


• Obtaining real time solution for service issues.

• Comply with insurance terms reducing pocket costs.

• Reduce risk management.

• Improve company’s reputation.

• Makes more area to explore other service methodologies